VirMach – The Best & Cheapest VPS Cloud Hosting

VirMach works in giving amazingly moderate VPS administrations to numerous applications and with different various determinations, situated in various dependable datacenters. We offer modest Windows VPS designs just as the absolute least expensive Linux designs and devoted workers, without forfeiting extraordinary help and uptime.

User-friendly Website Hosting Services

All plans come with a free domain (forever!) on annual purchase. Features include cPanel, one-click installs, and backups.

Our most popular VPS

First, let’s take a look at the plan our customers prefer most. This may fit your needs as well!

Great Hardware & Virtualization

Our SSD2G plan is in our line of Pure Solid State Drive plans, with HW RAID 10, running on large powerful servers. The package comes with 2GB of RAM & 2 cores of CPU. In addition, the plan uses KVM virtualization which means you get full features & controls – run any kernel or OS.

Free Windows Available

Windows is free on our SSD4G package & above, or just $2/mo on lower plans. You may choose either Windows or a variety of Linux operating systems. With Windows, you will be able to view your desktop immediately through your browser (VNC) or Windows Remote Desktop.

Our Premium VPS Packages

KVM Full Virtualization. Powerful plans, Windows 2008 & 2012 R2 Available. Pure SSD.

Located in Eleven Datacenters.

All of our Pure SSD plans are available in many locations. Pick one that gives you the best performance.

Buffalo, NY | Los Angeles, CA | Piscataway, NJ (NYC) Chicago, IL | Dallas, TX | Frankfurt, DE | Atlanta, GA | San Jose, CA | Seattle, WA | Phoenix, AZ | Amsterdam, NL

Our Cheapest Linux VPS Line

Formerly OpenVZ Virtualization (Now KVM Lite.) Our most affordable plans, with amazing hardware. Pure SSD.

Free DDoS Protection in Buffalo, NY!

All of our plans in our New York location are automatically protected. Absolutely Free. We also have Enterprise-level filtered IP protection in Los Angeles, CA available for purchase for advanced users.

Virtual Dedicated Servers

All the power at an affordable price. KVM Virtualization – dedicated CPU & RAM resources. Pure RAID 10 SSD.

Big Data. Small Price. Full Access.

Dedicated Cloud Storage. Receive full access to your purchased disk through a virtual private server, at all times.

Managed Dedicated Servers

Extremely powerful, and fully managed; cPanel and SolusVM available.

Base configurations in New York take approximately 24 hours to deploy on weekdays. Setup time increases in other locations & configurations.

Pre-configured Unmanaged Servers

Save time and money by ordering one of our pre-configured servers. Free DDoS Protection & IPMI included.

*Your service is guaranteed to always be available. In cases of downtime, you may request store credit, rounded up to the nearest week.
**Instant setup on most plans. Setup takes a few minutes to complete. Windows VPS takes slightly longer to fully install.

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