TrafficG -Targeted Traffic Exchange

Become a TrafficG member and you’ll be able to drive free, guaranteed visitors and traffic to any website of your choice! And the cost of this great service? Absolutely NOTHING – NO catches!

We pride ourselves on our exceptionally low visitor page ratio’s, some traffic exchanges keep sending the same few people to your site again and again, whereas our very high unique surfers combined with our groundbreaking traffic exchange system means your sites get a really great stream of ever-changing visitors.

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TrafficG, Six Excellent Services, One Awesome Site!

  •  SuperSurf Service. (Traffic Exchange)
  •  SuperStart Service. (Start Page Exchange)
  •  SuperStart Service REMOTE
  •  Exchanger Service. (Powerful Banner Exchange)
  •  My Promotions Service.
  •  Directory and Search Engine.

SuperSurf Service. The SuperSurf Traffic Exchange Service allows you to visit member’s sites, and in return, other members visit your site, each site you visit gains you one visitor back to your site. Yes, 1:1 Exchange rate…. This allows you to earn a visitor to your site every 12 seconds… The traffic we deliver is highly unique (24 hours unique), traffic can also be geo-targeted and targeted by interests too.

SuperStart Service. So how about driving traffic to your site by opening your browser, something you may do 100’s of times a day? It sounds crazy, but that’s exactly what the SuperStart does for you totally FREE! We give you a unique URL to set as your browser’s start page. When you open your browser, we direct you to other member’s websites, which in turn gives you visitors back to yours! You will also get 10% of all the traffic generated by 5 referral levels. Each time your referrals open a new browser window your account will be credited. The following table shows you how the hits can soon add up to really big numbers.

SuperStart Service REMOTE. This is the same as the normal superstart service but it can be used as a referral URL, this allows you to promote your TrafficG account, earning you referrals, and earn credits at the same time, plus as you build up your referrals you earn from their promotions too.

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Exchanger Service. The Banner Exchanger and Banner Exchange, are the ultimate tools on the net to gain your site awesome banner impressions! For every two banners you view (2:1), you earn one exchange credit. So your thinking “I can get a 2:1 banner exchange for my website anywhere!”. True but can you get a 2:1 banner exchange that offers you constant credit from THREE levels of referrals!? Can you get a 2:1 banner exchange that allows you to earn 1 banner impression per minute!? Can you get a 2:1 banner exchange that allows you to earn 1 banner impression every 4 minutes from your direct referrals usage!? Can you get a 2:1 banner exchange that allows you to earn banner impressions even if you don’t have a web site?

My Promotions Service. Imagine getting your sites listed on thousands of promotional pages! Do you want to increase the number of reciprocal links to your site? Generate free banner impressions? Want a free promotional page that lists all your sites, all in one place? Well, this is just what this service does, need I say more…

Directory and Search Engine. A Free listing in the TrafficG directory and search engine is an excellent way to increase your site’s internet exposure.

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And the cost of all these excellent services? Nothing, yes nothing, all our services are absolutely 100% FREE and just to top it off we also give you extra visitors for referring other members to TrafficG. When you refer a person to TrafficG, we add 50 to your account. When that person refers someone to us, we give you 10 more credits. When they refer someone to us, we add another 5 credits to your account!

There are no limits to the number of people you can refer, so no limits on how many bonuses hits you can earn!

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