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Hit4Hit site, and it’s framework is programed from the beginning, and don’t contain any outsider projects, modules, and segment. Our group of software engineers have a mission to create common streaming sites! Hit4Hit is a local area devoted to carry more traffic to your site. We are building a framework to make your site more SEO (Search Engine Optimization) cordial.

Why Is Website Traffic Exchange Important?

Google, Yahoo, Bing and other web crawlers consider number of extraordinary visits made each day. More perspectives, implies more probable that your page or status will show up on the list items. The math is basic. More visits, implies higher status, and more openness.

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What’s More Important: Page Views or Unique Visitors?

Site hits or extraordinary guests – which one would it be advisable for you to zero in on? It relies upon your destinations and crowd. We should begin with the fundamentals.

What is a Page View?

A site hit is set off when any page is stacked by any guest to your site. For instance, on the off chance that you click this link and the page loads, you have set off a site visit. On the off chance that you click the connection 20 additional occasions today, it will consider 20 site visits.

What is a Unique Visitor?

An exceptional guest is an individual client who has gotten to your site. It is controlled by the IP address of the PC or gadget that the client is perusing from, joined with a treat on the program they are utilizing. Regardless of the number of visits a guest makes, in the event that he is on a similar gadget and same program, just a single extraordinary guest is checked. For instance, on the off chance that you visit this link once today, you will be considered a special guest. On the off chance that you return to this site 20 additional occasions today, you are as yet considered one remarkable guest. In the event that you visit the site from another PC or gadget (or another program) it will consider another guest.

Page Views vs. Unique Visitors – which one Matters most?

Online visits are significant for distributers on the grounds that each site hit count’s an advertisement impression for every promotion on the page. In the event that your promotions are sold on an expense for every thousand perspectives or CPM premise, this is a significant number for you to develop. It’s enticing to make penances to the client experience to falsely expand site hits. For instance, a picture display that heaps each new picture consistently gives a superior encounter to the client, yet will eliminate online visits. It’s critical to discover an equilibrium so you don’t estrange your crowd.

The remarkable guests metric gives you a feeling of the size of your crowd. The general significance of this relies upon the motivation behind your site or distribution. On the off chance that you are a brand, you might need to boost the quantity of individuals that go to your site, with little respect for the number of pages they access, as long as they finish your picked way the site. On the off chance that you are a specialty distributer, you might not have a gigantic crowd, however they may show dedication and commitment by clicking profound into the site and producing site hits.

Watch Your Bounce Rate

By the day’s end, the main factor for developing your site hits and one of a kind guests is content. In the event that your substance isn’t connecting with and pertinent to your clients, they are going to “skip” and never return. The “ricochet rate” is the level of guests who go to your site and leave inside a couple of moments. A high bob rate demonstrates that guests didn’t care for what they saw or didn’t discover what they were searching for.

Time On Page Indicates Engagement

The measure of time spent on the page demonstrates whether clients are really perusing or watching what you’re presenting. The higher the normal time on a page, the more connected with your crowd is in that specific page. As a distributer, Increasing this measurement gives influence to build your promotion rates on the grounds that the advertisement impression time is longer.

We trust that our individuals can discover the incentive in our framework, and keep on utilizing it in the years to come.


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