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Bring in cash preferring pages, and promote your own pages!


FollowFast Social Media Exchanger

FollowFast was implicit 2012 and has become throughout the years into the organization that it is today, with almost a quarter million clients and having conveyed just about 50,000,000 likes to its client’s pages.

How It Works

  1. Join to FollowFast It’s FREE
  2. View Pages To Earn Points
  3. Use Your Points To Advertise

Free Points Everyday

Login Daily, Do 15 likes/hits, click button to earn Bonus Points!

Free Points Every Hour

Every hour, Do 3 Hits/Likes only to win extra 25 Points!

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Conver Your Points To Money. Minimum Rates To Be Able Cashing Out.

You can request a payout payment when you have:

$1.5 for PayPal.

$1.5 for Bitcoin.

$1.5 for PerfectMoney.

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