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Combin is a team of professionals in their craft. Software engineers, designers, marketing, and technical support specialists, combine forces to make the life of social media managers easier. Our goal is to provide efficient Instagram marketing solutions, and we’ve always got a lot of new ideas and developments in store.

What can you do with Combin?

Attract New Instagram Followers. Find, analyze, engage and grow your audience.

Plan and Schedule Instagram Content. Upload images in bulk, plan stories and posts for auto-publishing.

Manage Multiple Accounts Simultaneously. Connect and grow up to 15 Instagram accounts from a single computer.

Communicate with Your Audience. Stay in touch with your community with the engagement activity automation.

Track Activity and Growth. Monitor outcoming and incoming activity and audience growth.

Growth – Target, Engage and Grow Your Instagram Followers.

What is Combin Growth. An Instagram marketing tool loaded with powerful features for audience targeting, analysis, management and engagement. Attract new followers and build a loyal community for your account.

What’s included?

Growth and Performance Statistics. View daily, weekly and monthly account activity statistics in-app. Track the followers count, see how many accounts followed and unfollowed you. Monitor the number of received likes and comments.

Advanced Instagram Search. Find interesting profiles and publications by using and combining different search queries. Run searches by hashtag, location, specific account’s following, followers, likers and commenters, and by bio.

Gender, Language and Audience Size Targeting. Specify the following and followers quantity, select male or female gender, and pick from a variety of languages the preferred ones. Define the target audience with precision using the demographic filters.

Machine Learning User Analysis. Identify low quality accounts with the help of the breakthrough technology. Eliminate pointless engagement and save the limited quantity of daily available actions for following, liking and commenting, to spend it on real, genuinely interested Instagram users.

Audience Management and Export. Detect who doesn’t follow you back and unfollow them in convenient batches. Track the accounts you unfollowed and automatically prevent following them or interacting ever again. Protect important accounts from accidental unfollowing. Filter and export your user lists to Excel.

Repetitive Actions Automation. Engage multiple Instagram accounts and posts at once instead of manually interacting with the content of each separate user. Bulk-follow, unfollow, like and comment. Create comment templates for different topics and purposes, and leave them in batch.

Multiple Instagram Accounts Management. Grow up to 15 accounts from one computer. Connect one general or several separate proxy using the built-in setup to ensure the safety of your accounts. Search and attract new audience for all accounts simultaneously.

Instagram Stories Mass Viewing. View Instagram Stories of your target audience en masse to attract more new visitors to your profile and increase the number of followers. Appear in the viewer lists of hundreds of Instagram accounts with the automatic Stories mass looking functionality.

Detect Who Doesn’t Follow You Back. Track the list of your Instagram followers and see who doesn’t mutually follow your Instagram account. Select some or all profiles that no longer interested in yours and set a task for unfollowing them in batch. Let the application take care of the unfollowers, freeing you time for engagement of new potential followers.

Check Your Instagram Audience Quality. Spot interaction inefficient and low quality Instagram accounts within your existing and potential audiences. Prevent spending the limited amount of daily actions allowed by Instagram on spam accounts, online stores, celebrities and other accounts that can’t provide qualitative engagement. Filter the irrelevant profiles out and reach out only to real, potentially interested Instagram users.

Find Target Audience on Instagram. Search publications of your potential followers by hashtag or location, combine hashtag and location queries, use multiple hashtags and locations within a single search. Search profiles of relevant accounts among following and followers of your Instagram account’s competitors. Target accounts that liked and commented on specific posts and accounts, find interesting profiles by bio keywords.

Find Instagram Influencers for Your Account. Increase brand awareness and drive sales by finding Instagram influencers and collaborating with them. Define the language, gender and audience size of prospective influencers’ accounts. Use four available influencer search strategies, advanced filtration and sorting to hunt out the perfect candidates for your promotion. Preview the profiles right in-app before contacting the bloggers.

Monitor Audience Activity and Growth. Improve your Instagram marketing by studying the growth and performance reports and adjusting your strategy. Learn how many likes and comments your account left and received over different periods of time. Track followers count change and see exactly when and how many accounts followed or unfollowed yours.

Scheduler – Free Tool for Scheduling Instagram Posts and Stories for Automated Publishing.

What is Combin Scheduler. An Instagram marketing tool created for convenient Instagram content planning. Schedule Stories and posts for auto-publishing and create beautiful Instagram feed.

What’s included?

Scheduling Ahead & Instant Posting. Plan and schedule Instagram posts for later or upload new publications immediately. We support both.

Fully Automated Publishing. Upload images, select a publishing date and you are good to go. No annoying reminders to post, Combin does all publishing for you.

Image Size Editing. Fit your images to the aspect ratios Instagram supports using the crop and zoom features. Change the size to square, vertical, portrait and landscape right in the app.

Locations Tagging. Specify relevant locations for your posts to attract Instagram accounts from your area.

Hashtags and Accounts Mentioning. Use hashtags and tag other accounts in the post captions to grab attention and drive more engagement.

Bulk Stories Uploading. Select one, a couple or a whole handful of images and schedule them in one click to be published in your Instagram Stories.

Save Time with Flexible Posts Scheduling. You can post Instagram publications right away or schedule them for weeks and even months ahead. Create your own schedule and free your time for other important tasks.

Create Dozens of Stories in One Click. Say NO time-consuming one-by-one Instagram Stories planning! Drag and drop a handful of images and turn them into numerous scheduled Stories at once.

Style Your Instagram Grid Layout. Curate a stylish Instagram profile with strong visual voice that attracts new followers like a magnet. Preview what your future posts would look like together in the in-app calendar.

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